We have been so lucky to have some wonderful new customers recently, both online and in our shop based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. We’ve also acquired rather a following on social media too. Its great to know so many people share our passion and enthusiasm for all things stationery (and flamingos). With this in mind we thought it was time to re-cap on who we are, what we do and where we came from (Cilla style).

The Team

Lucy & Heidi

We are Lucy and Heidi, the main team behind Little Paperie. Stationery is our passion and we truly believe in sending cards, mail and letters to show people you care.

We absolutely love our shop. It’s a treasure trove of beautiful stationery, gifts, homeware, greetings cards, Annie Sloan paint and much more. It really is a stationery lovers dream and we feel super lucky that we get to work in it every day.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. If you follow us on social media we make no secret of the fact that we have a little thing for flamingos. Ok, a big thing. We love them. Fun, vibrant and elegant. We think that sum us up too actually.

There are a few things that most people may not know about us at all. There are also a few things that we do ‘behind the scenes’ and that we contribute to our industry.

Our Extended Team

Jude & Walter

You many have come across us before. Whether it be in the shop, online or through social media you cannot have failed to notice that we have two very special extended team members. These guys very often make an all attention consuming appearance. Its true, when these two are around you can easily get distracted from the stationery buying task at hand.

They are very useful team members though, and although he can’t make a good cup of tea (yet), Jude is an excellent greetings card judge. He definitely had a keen eye for what he liked when helping us judge the Henries. Walter gives great cuddles and will be the one who persuades you to buy just one more note book with his puppy dog eyes.

Our Support Team

If you don’t come across one of the above team members when visiting Little Paperie you will find one of our awesome support team. Without this wonderful team we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. This team consists of our families. Mums, dads, husband, sisters, they are all in there and all such a big help to us.

So, in a nut shell that is us! We look forward to speaking with you soon and getting to know you better too. Whether that be in person through our shop, or virtually through our social media sites or website make sure you say hello!

Lisa King