Meet Our Stationery Loving Flamingo

As you know, we love flamingos and flamingo stationery.

Don’t tell the others, but we do have a favourite. Meet Fernando, he lives at the shop and you can meet him if you visit us. We have to warn you, he is sometimes a little grumpy; especially if we haven’t let him raid the pencil bar that day.

He gets up to all sorts of mischief. From hiding behind the Annie Sloan paint range that we stock to sitting and giggling at the Rose Made a Thing cards. He also loves a good cup of tea and will always want to share chocolate.

Fernando takes part in all of our Annie Sloan workshops. He has a bit of a thing for a good DIY paint project. The brighter the colour the better in his case.

Fernando hugely supports #daysofletters. He is always the one waiting at the letter box to see if he has received any mail and he sends out hundreds of letters to his fans every week.

He also love to see himself appear on stationery products, so any pens, note books, wrapping paper that features flamingos is his favourite. Flamingo stationery is definitely his favourite kind of stationery. This love also extends to Annie Sloan projects. Our little stationery flamingo was overjoyed by our recent flamingo painting projects.

When you next visit the shop look out for him. If he is in a good mood he may even let you have a photo taken with him. If you can’t visit him, look our for his Flamingo Friday antics on our social pages.

Lisa King