The Retas Awards - 2016 Winner!

Winning our Retas Award

Last year we won a Retas Award. We were delighted to be chosen as best greeting card retailer newcomer in the North. We had only been open 16 months when we won it. Our award now takes pride of place in the shop.

The Retas are the only awards that celebrate greetings cards retailers in the UK and they are a great award to pay attention to, if you want to find new great card retailers that you may not know existed.

The Retas were launched in 2005 by progressive greetings magazines and celebrate both large and independent greetings card retailers. The awards ceremonies are a great way for the greetings cardindustry as a whole to come together and celebrate this important industry.

The next awards are in July and we wish everyone who has been nominated good luck. We also hope you all have a fabulous time celebrating. 


Lisa King